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21 March 2011

The Vision of a Real Youth Movement

What we need today is thinking on a macro scale... of the national problem. NGO's can do something indeed on a micro scale... yet the problem is national and the solution must be national too. The intelligent and the principled has this task ahead: placing their own centres of gravity at the centre of gravity of the nation. The nation, the Motherland - the millions of deprived people of this land - this must be the main concern. Character has be moulded that way. That is the vision of a real youth movement.

18 March 2011

Informal Meet at the ISI

We had a nice informal discussion at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, with its research scholars on 16 March. The meeting started a few minutes after 6.30 pm and continued for nearly 2 hours. The subject was a serious one: the condition of children in our country and the work before us. Almost all of the 22 or 23 students took active part in the discussion. They also inquired about the Mahamandal. Some of these scholars are planning to visit a few centres of the Mahamandal, where some work is going on among the most deprived sections of society. The organizer was the ever-smiling Raju Maiti, himself a Ph.D. student in Applied Statistics.