Be and make. Let this be our motto.
Akhil Bharat Vivekananda Yuva Mahamandal
For all young men who love India and her children and themselves too

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15 December 2009

Do you feel?

Hard facts about India: 50% of our rural folk are under the poverty line. 77% of the total population spend upto Rs 20 per day. 47% children malnourished. Millions of child labour. Human Development Index ranking (UNDP) - 134 among 182 countries, according to 2009 report. Global Hunger Index ranking - 65 among 84 poor countries.

Why? Because, there are too few 'men' here. Let us listen to the advice of Vivekananda: 'And, therefore, make men first.' Men of high moral character, who can feel for others, who have the spirit of sacrifice for the common weal, who have a sharp brain and a strong and active body, are the greatest need of the country. When such men arise, India will be great in all respects, assured Vivekananda.

So, the Mahamandal invites all young men, in whom lies all hope for our future, to join its 'man-making' movement for the purpose of nation-building as well as for the fulfilment of our life.