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20 August 2010

The great plunder

Our national resources are being systematically plundered for years and decades. With government connivance, of course. Legal and illegal private mining of coal, bauxite, iron ore, etc. has unsettled the tribal habitats and lay the areas waste. Forests have dwindled in the hands of the mafia, while the poor tribal has been for ages refrained from damaging the forest by bringing too many firewood! Poor collectors of Kendu leaves have been exploited for ages.

The privileged classes of India - the few honest people and those thieves - are responsible. By omission or by commission.

Foodgrains rot while hungry children die!

The multidemensional poverty studies of the UNDP has revealed that more poor people live in the eight poorest States of India than in 26 poorest countries of Africa. A huge number of children are dying every year here in our country for want of food.

Lacs of tons of food grain, lying over open grounds, are rotting, thousands of tons have been burnt. In spite of the directives from the apex court, the union minister for agriculture has ruled out the possibility of distributing the grains among the poorest of the poor.